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nesevo is a trusted partner for IT services, solutions and logistics.

To cover all aspects of a most efficient deployment possible is what we are constantly working on. If our existing tools and services should not cover all your needs and ideas of a complete supply process, we will get there. All customer tools are linked and connected amongst each other. You know your serial-number, you find anything related to that item.

Full Service Approach in Paris

Take a look at our latest office install in Paris. It's another perfect example of our full service approach: reception of the goods from Cisco Meraki , Cisco  waste management and inventory testing and configuration in our LAB shipping and delivery in our plastic...

Team Australia is ready

Say hello to our nesevo team Down Under! We are constantly expanding our services in Australia (and Sydney in particular), thanks to our local team and partners! Feel free to test us on any DC Services, IT-installations and decommissioning projects, smart hands...

Project Africa

Right now we’re preparing hundreds of communication devices for further use in Africa. After de-installation in Austria, every unit is cleaned, tested and updated by nesevo before we package and ship it.

“Ecoprofit Company 2023”

Certified as "ECOPROFIT® company 2023" for environmental management At nesevo sustainable practices are incorporated in all our business processes. So we're happy to announce that nesevo got awarded "ECOPROFIT® company" for its environmental management by the Austrian...

Data Center Relocation in Amsterdam

🇪🇺 Team Europe just finished a major project: data center relocation in Amsterdam! 🇳🇱 Over 200 racks, hundreds of network devices, thousands of servers and 3 clean cages handed over after just one week. The equipment never left our...

New US Warehouse Fully Operational

nesevo achieved another milestone. We have completed the construction of our new warehouse, LAB, integration site and offices in Atlanta, GA, and we are now fully operational. At present, we are installing thousands of servers into racks, which will be delivered as...

Atlanta, GA – New Warehouse is Ready

Watch us grow! 🚀 nesevo US is increasing its east-coast integration capacity by more than 5 times and currently renovating its new Atlanta offices, warehouse and integration site. 🇺🇸 With our new warehouse we optimise our logistics with faster...

New US Offices in San Jose

🇺🇸 nesevo is growing. We just opened our new offices in San Jose, California. From now on our west coast team will operate from the capital of Silicon Valley, bringing you the best IT services and IT experiences possible. Contact us here or if you’re...

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