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We take care of your used hardware.

Green IT

You want to sell your IT equipment?

Our Buyback Program Comes With Many Benefits

Do you have any obsolete, decommissioned or excess hardware?

Please send us your list in order to get a buy-back offer from us.

We will put a value on almost any hardware, from servers, networking equipment, laptops, screens, phones…pretty much everything.

At the very least we will try to make your recycling process cost-neutral for you.


  • Secure
  • Transparent
  • Sustainable
Become an eco hero!

Become an eco-hero!

There is nothing more eco-friendly than re-using hardware. The fact that your hardware might have come to its end of life, as far as your needs and requirements are concerned, may mean that somewhere else, for different needs and applications, it still might be the perfect fit.

Pick-up, transport, inventory, wiping – we take care of everything!

Once agreed on everything we can come by and pick it all up and start the documentation chain for each unit.

And of course, you will receive a full documentation and inventory of all your hardware in real time and all your data will be protected and erased with a certified wiping process (Certus Erasure) and a wiping certificate for each serial number.

Certified recycling

Any broken and no longer usable hardware will be shredded onsite in one of our warehouses and then recycled by our certified e-waste specialists.

Please send over your list in any format you prefer.

We will be in touch very shortly with a quote!

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