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IT services and solutions by nesevo provide much more than you ordered – with dedicated, all-in solutions that can be executed worldwide.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

IT services and solutions by nesevo. We will assemble your hardware, update OS to your desired version, apply configurations, and offer console access to your newly purchased equipment. nesevo offers a full range of customized shipping and logistic-related services, ranging from hands-on delivery to inventory and site management, all the way to time-efficient delivery and deployment into your Data Center. On-site services are provided as well, including time critical interventions, data wiping, de-commissioning, and buy-backs.

Design & Technology

When designing your infrastructure, you want to ensure you select technology that best matches your expectations and requirements. Our multi-vendor approach gives you full flexibility to choose technology solutions from a number of vendors. We put you in touch with the right experts and product managers from each manufacturer, allowing you to choose the optimum technology for each application.

Have you ever...
  • wanted to receive test equipment from any manufacturer?
  • wanted to have access to a test lab?
  • had trouble getting in touch with any manufacturer’s technician / pre-sales?
What we will do for you...
  • Recommend on the best solution based on your organization’s unique goals and needs.
  • Establish contact to manufacturers
  • WiFi analysis →  more info

Purchasing Process

Once your purchase decision is made, we accompany you throughout the order process. We check financing and leasing opportunities where requested, and handle all administration to expedite the provisioning process.

Our customer order tracking tools allow you to follow the full order process from offer to delivery.
The tools also feature search options for all criteria including order number, serial number, shipping and delivery dates, as well as commercial and shipping documents.

Have you ever...
  • had issues with your lead times being delayed?
  • struggled to orchestrate various incoming shipments from different locations?
  • realised at the last minute that you were missing some bits and pieces?
What we will do for you...
  • Chasing suppliers
  • Sourcing globally to secure best lead times

Configuration & Integration

We assemble your hardware, update the OS to your desired version, apply configurations, and offer you console access to check and configure your newly purchased equipment. We design your rack and cabling configuration in our own workshop, and create a blueprint to scale for your upcoming project. During the integration process, we run a full inventory on your equipment and the rack it is being installed in, right down to the cabling and the ports being used.

Have you ever...
  • been annoyed having to assemble hardware on-site?
  • had a project delayed due to faulty hardware discovered on-site?
  • been annoyed receiving equipment with different OS versions on-site?
  • spent lots of time creating inventory sheets?
What we will do for you...
  • Receiving equipment and full inventory
  • Testing after receipt
  • Component assembly and staging – Rack integration
  • Rack inventory
  • Burn-in tests
  • RMA handling / issue resolution
  • Documentation of entire process
  • nesevo IT logistics

Logistics & Shipping

nesevo IT logistics offer a full range of customized shipping and logistics related services. All our drivers are trained DC technicians as well.

Have you ever struggled with...
  • shipments being delayed or lost?
  • shipments being misplaced on-site?
  • wooden and cardboard packaging not delivered to the cage?
Our logistic offer includes...
  • Private/exclusive shipping with nesevo‘s trucks
  • Customized packing
  • Anti-shock packing and pallets
  • Direct shipments (no third-party interaction with your order)
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Real-time tracking


From hands-on delivery to inventory and site management, our experience in data centers throughout the world enables us to provide a time-efficient delivery and deployment process.

Have you ever struggled with...
  • on-site technicians not being available?
  • tickets not being handled in a timely manner?
  • technicians not qualified for specific deployment tasks?
  • different teams for different project phases?
Our deployment services...
  • Carton-free delivery
  • Zero-waste delivery
  • Rack positioning
  • Rack power and network connection
  • Power-up test
  • Further testing if requested
  • Site inventory plan and rack positioning plan

On-Site Service

In addition to our onsite installation and deployment services, we provide hands-on services to a vast number of sites worldwide and ensure un- interrupted operation of equipment during work assignments.

Have you ever struggled with...
  • tickets not being handled in a timely manner?
  • technicians not qualified for specific deployment tasks?
  • different technicians for different manufacturers?
  • RMAs not properly handled, shipped and tracked?
  • one ticket per task policies?
What we will do for you...
  • Hardware replacement

  • On demand or pre-scheduled and repeating work assignments

  • RMA management

  • On-site or global spare parts management

  • Manufacturer case management

  • Ticketing system

  • Inventory and serial number management in the event of RMAs

De-Installation, De-Commissioning, Buy-Back & Trade-In

Whether you are upgrading or changing equipment, moving to a new site or closing an old one, we can help you do this and at the same time make sure any disruption to business operations is kept to a minimum. We provide a single point of contact and offer the following services, allowing you to con- centrate on getting your new infrastructure up and running:

Have you ever struggled with...
  • getting your equipment evaluated?
  • proper documentation during de-commissioning projects?
  • getting you de-comissioned equipment packed and shipped?
  • the wrong equipment de-cabled or de-installed?
What we will do for you...
  • Full inventory

  • Evaluation of market value

  • Trade-in or buy-back offers (all brands & all conditions)

  • Equipment disposal and recycling

  • Data erasure / wiping

  • Dedicated warehouse for current and future hardware requirements

  • Consignment stock

  • Complete logistics services

Data Erasure & Data Wiping

Increasing legal requirements and being personally responsible for data security and privacy protection mean that procedures for the wiping of data and the destruction of hardware are a must. We can put both your mind and that of your legal department at ease.

Have you ever struggled with...
  • keeping track of a serial number during its life cycle?
  • receiving proper recycling reports?
  • finding a certified data erasure company?
What we will do for you...
  • Certified Data-Erasure Software  →  more info
  • CC EAL3+ certified
  • GDPR and DOD compliant (contact us with any questions regarding specific compliance requirements)
  • Data Erasure report for each serial number
  • Hard Disk shredding →  more info
  • Buy-back offers on request
  • Green IT recycling

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