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nesevo is official distributor of TrueNAS systems

nesevo is your global TrueNAS reseller and official distributor of TrueNAS open storage systems. TrueNAS® CORE (formerly known as FreeNAS®) is the world’s most popular storage OS because it gives you the power to build your own professional-grade storage system to use in a variety of data-intensive applications without any software costs. Simply install it onto hardware or a VM and experience the true storage freedom of open source storage.


ZFS protects your data

At the heart of TrueNAS is the self-healing OpenZFS filesystem. Previously only available on the highest-end enterprise storage systems, TrueNAS gives you direct, user-friendly access to ZFS. With its built-in RAID, powerful data management tools, and ability to automatically detect and repair silent data corruption (and bit rot), TrueNAS and OpenZFS ensure data integrity from start to finish.

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TrueNAS systems overview

From the datacenter to the home, there’s a TrueNAS system for your needs.

TrueNAS® Mini

There are many compact NAS options on the market, but only one gives you access to the same tools used by enterprise storage professionals for backing up and sharing your movies, photos, VMs, and files from a single device. The small but mighty TrueNAS® Minis stand apart with unmatched power to provide your data with the protection and performance it truly deserves.


Just because a NAS is small, doesn’t mean it has to be underpowered. TrueNAS Minis have the hardware horsepower to outperform any compact NAS on the market, and caching SSDs can be added to supercharge read and write performance even further. All while still remaining power-efficient and quiet.

nesevo is your global Compulab reseller
Compulab Fitlet2, front and back, annotated.

TrueNAS® R-Series

The TrueNAS® R-Series line of storage appliances combines the powerful features of OpenZFS with value-oriented, single controller hardware. Available in both all-flash and hybrid models, these systems feature excellent density and price-performance. The TrueNAS R-Series is available in three editions: CORE, Enterprise, and SCALE with Bronze and Silver support options available for Enterprise installations.

TrueNAS® X-Series

The TrueNAS® X-Series is a line of compact entry-level enterprise storage appliances that deliver reliability, unbeatable value, and efficient performance over ethernet or fiber channel. Available in hybrid or all-flash configurations, the X-Series provides high availability options for up to 1 PB in capacity.

The TrueNAS X-Series is a compact 2U system with 12 drives and expansion to 72 drives and over 1PB of capacity. Each system can be configured for scalable Hybrid capacity or affordable All-Flash performance. The X-Series is designed for industry-leading Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with <300W power. Pricing is all-inclusive of TrueNAS Enterprise software and TrueCommand can be used to manage the entire fleet.

Compulab Fitlet3, front and back, annotated.
Compulab Fitlet2, front and back, annotated.

TrueNAS® M-Series

Built to maximize storage capacity, performance, and uptime, the M-Series is the TrueNAS® flagship line of appliances designed with the flexibility to address an array of demanding storage requirements and adapt as needs change over time. With high-availability options and advanced data management tools, the TrueNAS M-Series safeguards data for mission-critical operations where downtime is not an option.

TrueNAS® F-Series

The TrueNAS F-Series boasts top-of-the-line performance for the most demanding workloads, including post-production, data analytics, virtualization, and many more. It is the industry’s fastest OpenZFS appliance available, with all of the data protection and workload optimization capabilities that come with OpenZFS. Dual controllers and high-availability ensure over 99.999% uptime to maintain business operations and keep applications running around the clock.

Compulab Fitlet3, front and back, annotated.

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