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nesevo is official distributor of Compulab’s fanless PCs

nesevo is your global Compulab reseller and official distributor of Compulab’s fanless PCs, a broad range of hardware with the Airtop as its top product and the Fitlet as its tiny, low-energy counterpart.


We believe that the Airtop PC is simply the best desktop computer you can buy. It comes with a patented, unique passive cooling technology based on natural air flow. This means there are no moving parts and the machine is absolutely silent. But, unlike other fanless designs, there is no limit when it comes to performance. Airtop3, the latest iteration of the AIRTOP platform, can be equipped with an Intel Xeon or i9 CPU, up 128 GB of RAM, multiple storage devices (including super fast NVMe SSDs) and a dedicated graphics card (nVidia GeForce or Quadro).

Should you only need a reliable workhorse for your day-to-day office tasks, you can just as well get it with on-board graphics and an Intel Celeron or i5 CPU. No matter if you go for the top end or the entry level, you’ll always benefit from its robustness, reliability, durability and cool industrial design. All this is reflected in a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

nesevo is your global Compulab reseller
nesevo is your global Compulab reseller

On top of that, you get unrivalled build quality with a cast aluminium case, tool-free serviceability and a huge set of interfaces (support for up to 7 displays, 4 Network interfaces up to 10GbE, 3 serial ports, up to 8 USB3 ports and an optical S/PDIF output). And, not to be forgotten: no fans also means less power consumption.

Airtop can be ordered with Windows or Linux pre-installed or without an operating system.

Click here for more details about Airtop3.


Please contact us at info@nesevo.com if you have any questions or would like a quote for a specific configuration.

You can also check out the manufacturer’s product page for a complete list of the technical specifications.

Find out more about accessories here!


Of course, AIRTOP is not the only Compulab product you can obtain through us. We offer the full range of fanless PCs that you can find on https://fit-iot.com, including the much acclaimed FITLET product range.

The Fitlet2 is Compulab’s bet-selling fanless micro PC, that has been used in countless IoT projects worldwide. It offers three different Intel CPUs, up to 16 GB of RAM and numerous configuration options. It is small, versatile and robust and comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. Find out more about the Fitlet2 here.

Fitlet3 is the brand new upgrade to the FITLET platform. It includes all the features that Fitlet2 has, but offers more powerful CPU options and up to 32 GB of RAM. On top of that, it can be ordered with a TPM 2.0 chip, which makes it compatible with Windows 11. Find out more about the Fitlet3 here.

And you can learn more about the accessories here.

Compulab Fitlet2, front and back, annotated.
Compulab Fitlet3, front and back, annotated.

When searching for the perfect platform for your IoT project, be sure to also check out the  Tensor-PC, which takes configurability to a whole new level.

nesevo is your global Compulab reseller. If you’re interested in any of these products, just shoot us a mail and we’re happy to send you a quote. Our knowledge and experience when it comes to shipping IT products all over the planet will make sure you get what you need, no matter where you are.

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nesevo is your global Compulab reseller

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