“Ecoprofit Company 2023”

Certified as “ECOPROFIT® company 2023” for environmental management

At nesevo sustainable practices are incorporated in all our business processes. So we’re happy to announce that nesevo got awarded “ECOPROFIT® company” for its environmental management by the Austrian state Vorarlberg for the second year in a row now.


Ecoprofit Company 2023





















The ECOPROFIT ® Projects are based in a Model of Public-Private-Partnership that includes economic, environmental and social aspects. ECOPROFIT®, the «ECOlogical PROject For Integrated Environmental-Technology», is a programme to promote the sustainable economic and ecologic development. It was started in 1991 at the Austrian city of Graz together with CPC Austria. Since the first implementation of ECOPROFIT®-Method in Munich in 1998 there is an increasing number of European municipalities which carry out this project.

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