Turnkey Deployment

As an engineer or architect, the following situation will be familiar. It is time to build a newly negotiated point of presence or customer site, which means time to approach your OEM vendors and wrangle logistics, prepare for lengthy hardware lead times, diligently cover compliance and data center contract management, and sit and wait. Once the hardware does arrive, the real work begins – preparing the deployment, configuration, rack and stack, intricate cabling, power up and commissioning, followed as always by documentation and maintenance. Everything is now finished, often with an unforeseeable delay, and perhaps over-budget.


Your Options

Other less desired options you might consider include slowing rollout on projects, delaying critical revenue, and upsetting valuable customers that would be forced to seek support elsewhere, and possibly alienating your own sales team in the process. Instead, seek to expand your personnel asset base by finding a valued deployment partner who can assist with preparing the project environment, relieve you from hardware sourcing and negotiation, test and build out the hardware off-premise, handle logistics seamlessly, and ultimately provide a fully integrated, turnkey POP to your operations team. A partner who can take care of all of these topics is a force multiplier allowing you to scale faster, unlock revenue, keep your top performing sales people engaged, and most importantly keep customers happy, all while directing new capital to revenue generating projects.


The Benefits

By employing one main deployment partner, your architecture and engineering teams can now apply their focus to the nitty-gritty details of the design. As your deployment partner takes your signed-off design plans from project phase to a completely integrated network, your engineering and operations teams are free to continue essential daily operations, and your architecture team can transition seamlessly to designing the next revenue-generating project.


What nesevo Does

At nesevo, we can help with all stages of project design and deployment. From virtual test lab guidance during the design phase, to confirming the readiness of colocation and performing site surveying ahead of the project start, sourcing all required hardware from multiple vendors (fully configured routers, servers and switches, PDU pivot systems, patch cables and labels), preparing, configuring and testing the hardware before shipping – all to your design and specification.

Global shipping and logistics are taken care of by nesevo, lightening the load placed on your legal, compliance or logistics teams that may be unfamiliar with the target region’s’ specific import documentation. Once the hardware arrives at a nesevo regional warehouse, a team is prepared to perform the physical rack and stack in the datacenter or customer premise, providing documentation throughout the process. Post-install, nesevo can handle ongoing hardware support, service activation, hardware upgrades and troubleshooting via a support ticketing system. Having your engineers travel to site, and coordinating team resources on the install will no longer be necessary as nesevo’s assistance allows your team to focus on higher priority tasks.

nesevo provides a simplified path for hardware sourcing, streamlined service contracts and purchase orders through one highly communicative team that strives to ensure a successful upgrade deployment or full turn-key, new build. We are your next generation IT service partner.


We Can Help You

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