Besides custom made software and web-applications we offer ready to deploy web-based applications.


This tool allows you to send automated offers based on your stock-list on all price requests 24h a day. You never stop quoting.
All you need is to update pricing on your stock on a regular basis according to an update schedule which you define yourself. The perfect tool for all part number based trading environments.


Offer your customers this additional service for them to have full access on their purchasing history with all relevant information and documentation.
Up to you to offer this service for free of based on a licensing model a a charge of your choice.


Save and store documents. May they be internal or for other clients or partners of yours. All data is password protected and it is up to you to grant access to a single person and / or another client (and its defined users).
On all levels DokDB allows you to define access levels depending on the users grade.