To cover all aspects of a most efficient deployment possible is what we are constantly working on. If our existing tools and services should not cover all your needs and ideas of a complete supply process, we will get there.

All customer tools are linked and connected amongst each other. You know your serial-number, you find anything related to that item.


Configure your hardware prior to shipping. We will install the components in your purchased hardware where needed, install the IOS of your choice and load a configuration file, if you should wish so.

Or you simply connect to your equipment through our lab and do the confi guration directly yourself. Whatever you preferences are, we have the setup to meet your requirements:

  • Dedicated storage-space for you to store your OS versions, config files, inventory sheets, ...
  • Subversion system to work on to-do lists etc. with our technical staff and warehouse team
  • Console access to all your equipment prior to shipping
  • Test-lab, if you want your equipment set up and connected according to your network plan in order to test your configurations


Track each order from the offer right to the delivery. Search by:

  • Quotation number
  • Purchase order number/reference
  • Item partnumber
  • Serial number
  • Invoice number
  • Installation site

Check delivery status with a single click on the tracking link.

Find all relevant documents for each order by simply searching for the above criteria:

  • Offer
  • Purchase order
  • Deal confirmation
  • Delivery note
  • Invoices

Find all relevant additional documents for each order:

  • Shipping documents
  • License files
  • Service contracts
  • Pictures of your shipment as it has left



  • We match your inventory with the records of any manufacturer
  • Get a clear view at all times on the level of manufacturer service contracts on all your equipment
  • Do not miss any servcice renewall where necessary
  • Never renew any service contract on equipment no longer in production
  • Estimate your yearly service budget


We save any relevant information on all the hardware purchased through us which might include the below or any other information you should require to be on record.

  • Serialnumber
  • Mac address
  • Picture of hardware
  • Picture of labels
  • Reference hardware the equipment is being installed in
  • Export the database in order to include it in your inventory tools and systems